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We are changing the billing world!


Billing System

SRUN System's mission is to provide the best billing cloud service for the enterprise with complex business rules requiring high flexibility and customization. With our unique product architecture, hosted billing service and world-class team, we help companies all over the globe tackle billing complexity and stay in control,

SRUN insists on creating user management,AAA and billing product, supporting a professional service in the world. We keep our system running stable to create maximum value for our clients. Try our best to help our customers achieve success is the common goal of SRUN System.
SRUN System was founded as a one-person office in 1999 with the simple idea that billing could be better. Since then, we've proven it. We've built an advanced platform that solves complex billing and provides agility for enterprises competing in today's modern economy. In the process, we became the first company to provide an enterprise-grade open source billing system and now serve our customers as the world's leading open source billing solutions provider

We successfully cooperated with many excellent industry insiders and partners, thus making our clients and partners torealize that SRUN is distinguished. By deep integration, the clients, the partners and we could achieve a huge success.


Free Trial

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Credit Card Processing

SRUN can significantly reduce the cost of accepting credit cards for Internet Service Providers.


Statement Printing

Statement printing services starting at 79 cents, including First Class Postage and return envelope.