FLR Monitor

When you become the eduroam region node (FLR), you need know the status of the entire eduroam roaming system include IdP and SP, at the same time you need to help them manage their eduroam local system.

IdP+SP control+monitor

eduroam Srun (IdP+SP) visitor management control system, provides a complete set of visitors, eduroam roaming management and control system.

if you only to provide external roaming services (SP), Just intsall eduroam Srun server, you can achieve eduroam roaming services and support Vistor online control (mandatory offline, MAC address, account count, time,flow etc.)
Srun eduroam provides visitor control base on location, time, traffic, also define the policy of visitor such as zone of eduroam roaming, time of roam, roaming traffic, and duration control (need to provide accounting function of NAS) , Detail report (useage of Vistor) ,Data analysis (analysis data).


FLR Monitor

Membership Monitor
account: sjtu.edu.cn

IdP+SP eduroam system
account: eduroam
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FLR: China FLR edu monitor(pku.edu.cn) , China FLR .cn monitor(flr.cstnet.cn)
IdP: East China Normal University, Beijing Normal University, Beihang University