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SRUN is Billing!



Powerful Recurring & Usage Based Billing
  • Recurring and Usage Billing

    Create plans that bill monthly, quarterly or yearly. Charge for overages in data usage, extra email addresses, or VOIP usage.

  • Flexible Fees

    Easily charge setup fees for new installs or late fees when customers fall behind.

  • Authority Based Tax Model

    Create tax plans that can bill for county, city and federal taxes. Apply fees such as USF Fees or 911 charges.

  • Credit Card and Echeck Integration

    Choose from many different integrated payment gateways to automate the processing of credit cards or bank drafts.


Manage customer services from a single application.
  • Automatically Suspend Accounts

    Srun automatically turns customers off for non-payment and reactivates the account upon payment.

  • Integration with Industry Standard Software

    Out of the box integration with FreeRADIUS, Email Servers, Monitoring Systems and more.

  • User Definable Services

    Keep track of customer equipment, speed settings, IPs and more.

  • Open Provisioning Model

    Send commands to remote servers and equipment when customers are added, modified or suspended.

Customer Care

Integrated helpdesk gives you the tools to serve your customers better.
  • Centralized Ticket Management

    Keep track of installation, billing questions and support questions in one location.

  • Email Integration

    Incoming emails are automatically converted to tickets or added to existing tickets. New emails are composed directly from Platypus. No need for an email client!

  • Satisfaction Surveys

    Keep in touch with your user base with surveys that give you insight into how to continue to serve your customers better.

  • Knowledge Base

    Learn from experience by developing a database of knowledge for your support team.


Keep in touch with your customers
  • Billing Notices

    Send professional looking paper or email statements, late notices and receipts to your customers. Choose between PDFs, HTML or plain emails.

  • Message Wizard

    Target individual groups of customers by location, billing plan and more to let them know of outages or price increases.

  • Credit Card Expirations and Declines

    Automatically notify your customers that their credit card will be expiring or that their charge was declined before suspending the account.

  • Usage Notifications

    Let your customers know when they approach their monthly bandwidth limit.

Industry Specific Features

Providing billing software to ISPs and WISPs for 17 years
  • Integration Support

    Easily control user access with FreeRADIUS, provision email accounts and tie billing into your monitoring system.

  • FCC 477 Reporting

    Create reports for FCC 477 with a single click, saving hours of manual labor.

  • Scheduling

    Scheduling support allows you to better manage your installers. SMS and email notification as well as online access to scheduled jobs assures that customers get installed on time.

  • Dish Network Single Bill

    Bill customers for their Dish Network Service including recurring and pay-per-view content.

Online Customer Portal

Reduce support calls related to billing, payments, tickets and more
  • View Invoices/Payments

    View and print invoices and payments for previous billing periods.

  • Check Usage

    View current and historical usage data including how much is left for the month.

  • Make Payments

    Allow customers to pay via Credit Card online, taking payments 24 hours a day.

  • View and Create Trouble Tickets

    Allow customers to track their support tickets online, reducing support calls and increasing customer satisfaction.

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